Alberta is situated in Western Canada and among one of the three beautiful Prairie Provinces. Alberta has an ever-growing population of over 4 million and also one of the largest areas, i.e., 661,848 km². Alberta’s population is concentrated in only two major cities: the capital city of Edmonton, and Calgary. It is renowned for its natural beauty, richness in fossils and for housing important nature reserves. Alberta is home to six UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites. Alberta is surrounded by British Columbia to the west, to the north by the Northwest Territory, and east by Saskatchewan. To its south, it is bound by Montana, USA. Alberta is one of two provinces that are completely landlocked.

Health Care

Canadian Law mandates all provinces and territories to provide universal, publicly funded health care to all citizens and legal residents of Canada. Thus, most basic health services are offered at no direct cost to a patient in Canada. Certain procedures that are not deemed necessary are generally not covered. These include treatments like elective cosmetic surgery and a number of dental care procedures. The list of publicly paid services may vary from province to province.

Alberta also has universal, publicly funded health care for its people. Around $7,000 per capita is spent on healthcare in the province each year, which is among the highest in Canada.


Alberta is surrounded by the famous Canadian Rocky Mountains, covered in lush forests, and never-ending grasslands towards the south. The region makes this province a beautiful place to visit with warm summers and cold, white winters. Temperature in Alberta can drop below -40c at times.


Alberta provides wonderful educational opportunities for its citizens. There are a number of educational institutions in the province. With an impressive count of 6 universities, 13 colleges and several trade schools, Alberta offers something for everyone. The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s most prestigious institutions. Located in the city of Edmonton, three are over 39 000 students here. Students from all across the globe travel to study here and enjoy access to over 400 undergraduate programs.


The rapid pace of economic development in the province makes Alberta a great place to find work. Alberta has an unemployment rate of around 5.5%, well below the national average of 6.8%. The low unemployment rate combined with low natural population growth and plenty of job creation, there are many job opportunities available for immigrants in the province.


There are multiple housing options across Canada. If you have not visited your new city prior to immigrating, it may be best to rent an apartment on a temporary basis when you first arrive, and/or hire a real estate agent to guide you through the housing process and provide you with knowledgeable advice on the best areas for you and your family.
Many families prefer to live in suburbs where housing is more affordable as housing is generally more expensive in cities. Suburbs often provide all facilities such as safe neighbourhoods, schools, shopping centres and healthcare, all within close proximity to the amenities of the city.

It is important that you take your family, your place of work, neighbourhood and finances into account before deciding on a place to live.

Cost of living

Alberta is the 4th most expensive province in Canada. Yet, the overall cost of living including housing, entertainment and taxes in the province is one of the lowest in Canada, giving you more disposable income to enjoy. The average cost of living per month, excluding rent in Alberta, is $703 for an individual and $2,190 for a family of four.


Alberta’s economy is the strongest in Canada with an abundance of natural resources and many job opportunities in forestry and agriculture. Alberta’s economy is driven by its booming energy industry. In recent years, the fossil energy industry has developed into a flourishing manufacturing sector because of an economic boom.

Alberta is one of the more popular immigrant destinations due to the abundance of well-paying jobs in the oil, finance, and tourism fields. This makes Alberta a wonderful place to start your new life as an immigrant, with promising opportunities and great benefits for its citizens.