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SettleAccommodationHow to find accommodation in Canada as international student

How to find accommodation in Canada as international student

Studying in Canada by choosing your career is one of the best investments for your future. A Canadian qualification conveys huge weight, particularly when you get into your chosen career. The job market is intense and unemployment rates have taken off since the beginning of the current pandemic and recent restrictions executed in different areas to control the infection rates of COVID-19. The greatest effect it had was prevalently on part-time jobs in Canada which also lead to difficulty in finding accommodation in Canada for the international students.

Although this was especially apparent among youth, fortunately, Canada’s employment rate is beginning to take an upswing and there are numerous remote work opportunities for the students living in Canada to help them keep floating.

International students working in Canada are often dependent on part-time job work which helps them to pay their student loans, tuition fees, textbook costs, and other regular expenses like groceries, transport and accommodation rent.

Steps To Find The Right Student Accommodation In Canada

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Finding housing in any nation can end up being overwhelming for what it’s worth. However, with this supportive go-to-guide, you will have all the information and options that you require to find the ideal spot to live in while you complete your studies in Canada.

  1. Find Accommodation Costs And Options.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding accommodation in Canada has become a challenging task. Shared dorm rooms become single dorm rooms or some have been completely shut down, which has drastically decreased the amount of space available to live in for international students in Canada. So it is important to consider all the alternative options and work out your budget before making any choice.

  1. Choose From On-Campus or Off-Campus Accommodation In Canada

Most of the post-secondary institutions and universities offer accommodation on the campus to the students. However, due to the COVID-19 regulations, sharing option is no longer available which is usually a cheaper option than others. There are also single dorm alternatives in which you can enjoy a paid meal plan in your campus dining hall. This helps you to take out your stress to plan and decide on what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

How To Find Accommodation In Canada As International Student - Canadian Visa News

On-Campus Accommodation Options

There are two options to live in on-campus accommodation in Canada:

  • Dorm Rooms: Mostly these are for the first-year students
  • Townhouses or University Apartments: This kind of accommodation is usually reserved for upper-year students.

How much does On-Campus accommodation costs in Canada?

On-campus accommodation in Canada costs can range from $6,000 CAD to $16,000 CAD per year depending on the kind of accommodation, university, province/territory in which you are going to study. Keep in mind that the on-campus may seem expensive as compared to the off-campus, in the starting. Whereas, mostly the maintenance and utility fees are not included in the advertised price. Also, you will require additional money for travelling and food. So, that makes on-campus accommodation the first option for most international students in Canada.

Benefits of On-Campus Accommodation in Canada:

  • Nearby to classes.
  • Nearby to on-campus amenities like library, gym, etc.
  • The concentrated community of international students.
  • The normal rental cost includes utilities and food.
  • Many colleges provide 24/7 student housing support.

How To Find Accommodation In Canada As International Student - Canadian Visa News

Off-Campus Accommodation Options

There are many options to live in off-campus accommodation in Canada:

  • One-bedroom apartments
  • Shared apartments
  • Shared houses
  • Homestays

How much does Off-Campus accommodation costs in Canada?

Off-campus apartments and houses cost can range from $700 CAD to $1,500 CAD per month whereas homestay cost can range from $600 CAD to $1,000 CAD per month which depends on the kind of accommodation and location you choose to stay. There are a few things which you may have to:

  • sign a one-year lead depending upon which province or territory you will be studying
  • pay your first and last month’s rent or security deposit, which is usually half of the monthly rent. This will be returned at the end of the lease depending on there will be no damage caused to the property.

There can be more other expenses that aren’t mentioned in the advertised price or need to add to your monthly budget such as:

  • utilities like heating, water, electricity, wifi, etc
  • parking bay
  • furniture
  • travel cost to reach your campus

Benefits of Off-Campus Accommodation in Canada:

  • Numerous options for location and housing style
  • Students can set aside money by picking less expensive convenience.
  • More freedom and independence in day-to-day life like you can cook and shop for yourself.
  • Become familiar with regular Canadian life outside the campus.

Finding the right convenience in Canada reduces to three fundamental things:

  • your financial plan
  • your requirements
  • which is accessible to you when you apply.

Start by working out how much finances you have accessible for convenience and pick whether living on-campus or off-campus will be the most ideal choice. You may not discover all that you’re searching for, yet every alternative has its advantages and disadvantages which should be considered carefully.

If you have yet to apply for your study permit or even apply to your university of choice in Canada, you may not realize where to start, yet it’s easier than you may think, that’s if you have the know-how.

For guidance on your study permit, you can also use our free study visa assessment form.

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