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WorkMore jobs for global immigrants in Saskatchewan

More jobs for global immigrants in Saskatchewan

Statistics Canada released the job numbers for January 2022. The data shows that the province of Saskatchewan added 24,600 jobs last month, out of which 21,100 were full-time Sask jobs. The province showed a 4.6% increase in job numbers compared to January 2021. The month-to-month seasonally adjusted employment also increased by 3,900. It was a 0.7% increase, the highest percentage change among Canadian provinces.

The unemployment rate fell from 7.2% last year to 5.5% now, which is also below the national average of seasonally adjusted 6.5%.

Comparing to the number of sask jobs last year, there was an overall increase in multiple sectors :

  • Wholesale and retail trade – 8,000 jobs
  • Construction – 6,500 jobs
  • Private sector – 15,600 jobs (+5.0 %)
  • Female employment – 9,400 jobs (+3.7 %)
  • Youth (aged 15-24) employment – 9,900 jobs (+14.9 %)

Saskatchewan’s youth unemployment rate was fourth-lowest among all provinces at 9.8%. It was also below the national average of 13.6% (seasonally adjusted).

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The province exceeded its pre-covid employment level by 100.1%, from 574,100 in February 2020 to 574,600 in January 2022 (seasonally adjusted).

More jobs for global immigrants in Saskatchewan - Canadian Visa News

In an interview with Global News, Business commentator Paul Martin called the new 3,900 jobs significantly. He added that this indicates that the employers are doing their job and creating a lot of opportunities. Because of their efforts, new people are showing up to fill the vacant job roles.

Martin also said that Saskatchewan’s economy is in a growth mode now. It means more people are needed for the unfilled jobs.

“What we’re seeing is there’s a lag time always between the economy taking off and people arriving. We’re in that lull right now between the economy starting to go upward and the people arriving to fill those opportunities.”

Martin believes that Saskatchewan should get aggressive about marketing the province as ‘a place to live with lots of job opportunities.

Sask jobs through SINP

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) operated by the province of Saskatchewan. There are four categories through which aspirants can migrate to the province. These are International Skilled Worker Category, Saskatchewan Experience Category, Entrepreneur and Farm Category, and International Graduate Entrepreneur Category.

Employment Offer is one of the pathways under the International Skilled Worker category. Applicants with an employment offer from a Saskatchewan employer and a high enough score on the SINP Points Assessment Grid are eligible to submit an application under the Employment Offer to apply for Sask jobs.

The Saskatchewan Express Entry is an enhanced sub-category (aligned with the Express Entry system) of SINP and is under the International Skilled Worker Category. Through this system, a nomination from the province gives a candidate an extra 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. A higher score increases the chance to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

Thus, the SINP program offers the easiest pathway to apply for Sask jobs, settle in the province, and get a Canadian Permanent Residency.

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