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WorkTop 10 technical remote jobs in Canada

Top 10 technical remote jobs in Canada

As the dependency on technology is increasing, IT and tech jobs are no longer confined to start-ups and technology companies. Everything is on the virtual platform now and to run their business every industry is depending upon technology. All around the world the conventional office system has taken a break, partly due to Covid-19 as well, and is shifting to the new trends of working remotely, i.e, anywhere but the office premises. Many countries have switched their pattern and so has Canada. Although not everywhere the results have been appreciative, Canada seems to have successfully transitioned their work environment.

Thus, technical remote jobs in Canada are on high demand these days. There are a variety of options for work from home jobs in Canada through which you can build your career at your own comfort space and also earn well. 

Remote jobs offer various benefits such as flexibility and freedom of working, cost-effectiveness to both employer and employee, maintenance of work/life balance, personalised and peaceful environment while working, etc. And with all these benefits, the overall productivity of the employees enhances.

It was recently observed in 2021 that 40% people have switched to work from home jobs in Canada as compared to 4% in 2016. Also, the productivity of the employees increased too. Thus, the availability of remote jobs in Canada is about to increase in the coming years as it provides multiple benefits to the employer, the employee as well as the country as a whole.

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Earnings through technical remote jobs in Canada highly depends on the experience level of the employee. Even though freshers are offered adequate salaries in various fields, years of experience and industrial exposure attracts even better payrolls.

Top 10 remote Jobs in Canada

CSR Customer Service Representative

As key players in customer support, these professionals resolve customer issues and strengthen relationships. One needs to have a high school diploma, good verbal communication skills (Fluency in French would be an added benefit), a work ethic and a calm and composed personality to be a CSR.

Average salary of a CSR ranges from $38,000 to $42,000/year.

There are several companies looking for CSR. A few of them are : Concentrix, RBC, Vector Marketing, Bell Canada, etc.

Medical Transcriptionist

With an average salary of $39,000 – $56,000/year, a remote medical transcriptionist’s job is to translate voice recordings of healthcare professionals to maintain records. These records are usually regarding patient’s history, their operation reports, examination notes, etc. A high school diploma and in some cases Medical Transcriptionist Diploma are basic requirements for this job. Being bilingual (English and French) would be a plus. 

Top companies recruiting a Medical Transcriptionist are Nova Scotia Health Authority, IWK Health Centre, Vancouver Coastal Health, Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), etc.

Web/App developer

Canadian Visa News - Web Developer

Web/App Developers are responsible for creating, developing and designing web applications and other coding duties as well. Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, and Mobile developers are in very high demand in Canada.

The average developer salary in Canada is around $87,000/year.

Net Solutions, RootQuotient, Essential Designs, Imagex, etc. are some of the top web development companies offering work from home jobs in Canada.

Software engineer

Software engineer develops and builds computer systems software and applications software. There are many work from home jobs in Canada for Software Engineers and developers. It requires a bachelor’s degree in computers or another relevant field. For an additional income source, software engineers can also freelance.

A Software Engineer can earn $40,000 to $65,000/year.

Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe and many other companies are hiring for work from home jobs in Canada as a Software Engineer.

Technical writer

Being a Technical Writer requires you to combine technology, creativity, and education. It demands writing technical reports, educational materials, manuals for new devices, etc. Anyone from a technical background (or interested in technology), having good writing skills can be a Technical Writer.

Average salary ranges from $45,000 to $87,000/year.

There are many full-time remote jobs for a technical writer in companies like Google, KPMG, Bell Canada, TD, etc. Apart from these, various freelance projects are also easily available.

UI/UX graphic designer


UI and graphic design for web, mobile and marketing is an in-demand job in Canada. Graphic designers are responsible for creating an optimal experience for the user when interacting with a digital tool.

The average income is around $6,500/month as designers are rare, thus making it one of the popular technical remote jobs in Canada.

Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, etc. are some companies that hire the most UX Designers in Canada.

Machine learning engineer/data scientist

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data scientist are often inter-mixed, but these are different fields. They are also some of the best paying technical remote jobs in Canada. You can easily find a temporary or permanent position with the right skill set that can be developed through diploma courses too.

An average of $120,000/year (depending upon the assignment) can be earned through this profession.

A few top Machine learning companies in Canada are MacroHealth, TIBCO, Prolifics, Amazon, etc.


Remote accountants review financial documents of business (or individual) to make sure they are complete and accurate. They are also hired for preparing taxes. 

An accountant earns around $39,000 to $73,000/year. It may vary depending upon their certification, experience and service provided.

Aston Carter, Citizens Bank, CVS Health, kForce, etc. hire remote accountants.

Social media evaluator

Responsibility of a social media evaluator is to work on crowd-sourced programs and perform tasks like search and social media evaluation, transcription, surveys, translation and data collection. 

The average salary of a social media evaluator is $2,240/month.

ICUC Social, Robert Half International, The Sage Group, Social Element, etc. are some of the top companies that look for remote Social media evaluators.

Online teacher

Remote or Online teachers can be subject teachers as well as trainers, consultants or guides who are hired to conduct online training sessions.

Average salary ranges from $24,000 to $66,000/year.

Health Canada, TimeSpace Learning, Ryerson University, WorldBridge Holding Corporation are some of the firms where you can take online teaching remote jobs in Canada.

How to find remote jobs in Canada?

You can find Remote jobs in Canada while sitting anywhere in the world, this is the power of global connectivity. Many companies hire remote workers to extend their talent pool irrespective of borders. There are various websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed Canada, Toptal, Flexjobs, Angellist, etc. where you can easily find technical remote jobs in Canada. Other than that, a few companies that offer remote jobs in Canada are Dooly, Ecobee, Sutherland, Bench, etc.

How can you immigrate to Canada?

With the right skill set and appropriate qualifications, applying for the Express Entry System would be the best way to immigrate to Canada. In this system, your qualification and skill set would be used to put you in one of the three federal economic programs and depending on your profile your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score will be calculated. In the bi-monthly draws, your CRS score would determine whether you get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency or not.

This year, IRCC has a target of 411,000 new permanent residents, as per the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan. An all program draw and a decrease in the CRS cut-off is expected in 2022, thus enabling a lot more immigrants to get Permanent Residency.

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