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new international students every year

StudyPR For GraduatesEasy pathway to permanent residence after studying in Canada

Easy pathway to permanent residence after studying in Canada

A new batch of international students is making ready themselves for beginning a new life at a Canadian university and for the commencement of the fall semester. This conjointly implies that several prospective international students are considering and designing their enrollments at Canadian universities for 2021. Canada offers quality and reasonable education in cities that are safe and there are employment choices for international students while studying and after. Studying in Canada may be a pathway To permanent residence for international students in Canada. Studying in Canada is one of the best selections for international students around the world. Quebec welcomes around 45,000 immigrants a year and also the range is increasing progressively.

Why Only Quebec?

The city of Quebec is a culturally, lingually, and traditionally distinctive province in Canada. Most of the population is French-Speaking however not all schools need students to talk French, therefore don’t worry. The number of the foremost famous institution establishments in Quebec are preponderantly English in character. The province conjointly offers study choices for international students in a very vivacious and energetic atmosphere.Easy Pathway To Permanent Residence After Studying In Canada

McGill University, Laval, Bishops, L’Universite de Montreal, Concordia, and also many other polytechnic institutions are established in Quebec. Montreal, which is Quebec’s metropolis, is home to four sizeable universities. Montreal has the best proportion of students in its population of any major Canadian City, except for Boston.

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Quebec is additionally home to at least one of the affordable education systems in Canada. Quebec offers international students a variety of generous student aid programs. Students trying to find English, French or bilingual education are in luck as a result of Quebec offers study programs in each official language. One thing that one should note is that Quebec’s immigration and education programs are a bit different from the remaining Canadian provinces. Applying for your Student Visa early coupled with selecting the right college or university that’s best suited to your wants and goals can prevent time, cash and cause less stress. Therefore yet again, we tend to encourage you to be ready.

Post-Graduate Work Permit

Any international student may take advantage of post-graduation work permits as a result of not several countries providing international students with this chance. The Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is also issued upon completion of the study program and it’s valid for the period of the study program. It’s valid for up to a max. of three years. Thus if you studied in Canada for two years, you receive a two years PGWP, if you studied for four years then you qualify for a 3-year PGWP. Students should be eighteen years or over and have a legitimate study permit while applying.

PEQ – Pathway To Permanent Residence

The PEQ which is also known as Quebec Experience Class is a student-oriented pathway for international students which helps to gain permanent residence status in Canada. This program is dedicated to international students to provide them with the opportunity to build their careers and lives in Quebec. The international student must have completed one of the below-given courses to get qualify for a PEQ:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (university undergraduate)
  • Master’s Degree (and MBA’s)
  • Doctorate Degree
  • DEC-Diploma of college studies, technical training
  • DEP – Diploma Of Vocational Studies lasting 1,800 hours of study
  • A DEP – Diploma Of Vocational Studies, followed by an ASP leading to a particular trade and comprising a minimum of 1,800 hours of training

Provinces like Quebec wish international students to study in their province, live there, work there and luxuriate in the standard of life that a lot of Canadians enjoy each day. It’s a chance that Canada provides a pathway to permanent residence and it ought to be taken advantage of.

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