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StudySpecial pathway for Indian students to get Canada study visa

Special pathway for Indian students to get Canada study visa

Are you an international student of India who wants to gain a Canada Study Visa? Then this post is for you. Here you’ll learn why over a hundred and thousands of Indian students selected Canada as their study destination in 2021.

To study in Canada, you need to 1st apply to a Canadian university before you apply for a study visa in Canada. This can be done before so that you don’t waste money and time for the college or university program you don’t meet their requirements.

Applying For University Application

Here are the simple steps that keep you ahead in applying for Canadian universities and colleges even in the situation of enrollment rush.

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Step 1:

Start your journey to apply for a Canada study visa by doing some research on the universities and colleges you wish to apply for. Choose at least three options of institutions you wish to apply to. In case you do not meet the conditions of college or you won’t able to get admission. You will have another option on your list.

Step 2:

Check the admission requirements of the college or university for the international students for which you choose to apply for. The requirements will include:

  • Program Session
  • Language Proficiency
  • A required credit score of your previous education for the program you wish to apply for.
  • There may be a personal profile that needs to be sent by the student, which will take around 30 minutes to create. There will be three questions to answer with a short essay and two short videos. The questions will be provided by the college or university.

Step 3:

After choosing, apply and submit all the documents required by the college or university. The documents may include:

  • a certified copy of your previous education
  • a complete application form for the course you are applying to.
  • Letter of intent
  • English proficiency tests from an approved institution which are generally IELTS, PTE, TOEFL. French proficiency test from an approved institution which is generally TEF, TCF, DALF and DELF (if required). These tests must not more than one year old.
  • Proof of funds that can prove that you can support yourself during your studies in Canada and also support anyone immigrating with you.
  • If you’re applying for a master’s program or a PhD program, you may have 2 letters of reference together with the previous letters of employment.
  • If you have previously studied outside Canada, you may additionally have your education assessed with ECA from the Canadian authorised association.
  • If the documents are in a language other than English or French, they must be translated by a certified translater and attach a copy of the original document along with it.

Step 4:

Simple steps that keep you ahead in applying for Canadian universities and colleges that help you gain Canada Study Visa.

After your application is being processed by the college or university, you will receive the Acceptance letter which is also known as the offer of admission.

With the acceptance letter, a student can apply for Canada Study Visa. While applying for the study permit, a student needs to prove that they have:

  • sufficient funds to support yourself while studying in Canada.
  • having a medical certificate issued by the approved doctors of the Canadian Panel of Physicians.
  • have the intent to come back to Canada for the only purpose of studying.
  • Inform the IRCC that you simply leave when your studies are completed.
  • provide a police clearance certificate to indicate that you are simply a law-abiding person with no background of crime or criminal record.

Canada Special Study Stream For Indian Students

Canada is aware that it wants a younger operating force to stay up with its ageing population. Well, what ought that to do with finding out in Canada? easy, the country has launched a Fast Visa Processing option for an Indian student who wishes to study in Canadian colleges and universities. Which is known as the Student Direct Stream (SDS). If you are residing in India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam, Canada will prioritize your study permit.

Normally a Canada Study Visa can take a minimum of 5 weeks to be processed for an Indian student, however, with the new Student Direct Stream, Canada aims to chop down that application time even more. The SDS is claimed to scale back process times by no but 25%.

Special Pathway For Indian Students To Get Canada Study Visa - Canadian Visa News

Canada has upped its game once it involves being a global standard of education and plans to possess quite 450,000 international students among its borders by 2022. If you’re AN Indian student hoping to start studying in Canada through the SDS, there are a few factors you ought to grasp. The nice factor regarding this stream is that it enjoys a quicker time interval. You also need to even have higher language ability in either English or French to get qualify.

Here could be a basic list of necessities you’ll like if you’re thinking that the SDS is an excellent resolution for you:

  • Include your Acceptance Letter from a Canadian university to point out that you simply are accepted as a student;
  • Include a replica of your medical checkup report done through a doctor listed within the Canadian Panel of Physicians;
  • Include a Guaranteed Investment Certificate(GIC);
  • Include proof of payment created to the university you applied to
  • Include a language check for either English through IELTS with a score of 6 Bands or French through Test d’evaluation de francais with a score of seven on the NCLC.

Right time Apply For Canada Study Permit From India

Most universities in Canada open their doors to candidates from January to April, thus application process times will be quite busy throughout this time. Also, make sure the exact time of the university or college. Many educational institutions have different application times and you don’t need at hand in an exceedingly late application. If you intend to study in Sep, ensure that you just apply before August or your application may be refused forthwith by your university.

If you want to get more detail about the top universities and colleges of Canada or want to know more about the Canada Study Visa from India, you can fill up the assessment form and get more about this stream.


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